Quaestiones Disputatae W. Norris Clarke, SJ book cover

Volume 6, No.1 Fall 2015

Guest Editors: Derek S. Jeffreys, Phillip Rolnick, and David Burrell, CSC

  • David B. Burrell
    • “Using Aquinas to Rescue Analogical Understanding”
  • John F. Crosby
    • “The Thomistic Personalism of Norris Clarke, SJ”
  • Siobhan Nash-Marshall
    • “Free Will, Evil, and Saint Augustine”
  • R. Mary Hayden Lemmons
    • “Love and the Metaphysics of Being: Aquinas, Clarke, and Wojtyla”
  • Steven A. Long
    • “Thoughts on Analogy and Relation”
  • John F. Boyle
    • “St. Thomas Aquinas on Creation, Procession, and the Preposition per”
  • Phillip Rolnick
    • “Persons Divine and Human: an Analogical Conception”
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