Quaestiones Disputatae Jean-Luc Marion book cover

Volume 1, No.1 Fall 2010

Special Editor: John White

  • Jean-Luc Marion
    • “The Phenomenological Origin of the Concept of Givenness”
  • Bret Saunders
    • University of Dallas
      • “The Distance of Friendship: Reading Augustine’s Confessions with Jean-Luc Marion”
  • Daniel J. Dwyer
    • Xavier University
      • “Husserl and Marion on the Transcendental I”
  • Andrew Staron
    • Catholic University of America
      • “Moral Action and the Pragmatic As If: Gerald McKenny’s critique of Jean-Luc Marion’s Privileging of Love”
  • Derek J. Morrow
    • University of Dallas
      • “From Divinization to Domination: The Cartesian Metaphorization of Capax/Capacitas“
  • Bryne Lewis Allport
    • University of Scranton
      • “‘Behold the Maidservant of the Lord’: Reading the Annunciation in Terms of Abundance and Absence in Marion’s Witness”
  • Andrew Komasinski
    • Fordham University
      • “A Transcendental Phenomenology that Leads out of Transcendental Phenomenology: Using Climacus’ Paradox to Explain Marion’s Being Given”
  • Carlos Bovell
    • Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto
      • “Phenomenology and the Search for the Infinite God”
  • Glenn Chicoine
    • University of Dallas
      • “The Intuition of Meaning-Acts in Jean-Luc Marion: The Sign, Gift and Word of God.”
  • Tanya Loughead
    • Canisius College
      • “The Happy Idiot in El Salvador: Jean-Luc Marion’s Phenomenology of Self-Love”
  • Molly Sturdevant
    • DePaul University
      • “The Necessity of Concepts, and Possibly Ontology: Jean-Luc Marion on Ontological Arguments”
  • Nathan W. Halloran
    • Fordham University
      • “A Study of Woman as Saturated Phenomenon in Marion and Irigaray”
  • Philip J. Harold
    • Robert Morris University
      • “Givenness and Inspiration: Levinassian Responses to Marion”
  • Stephen E. Lewis
    • Franciscan University of Steubenville
      • “The Lover’s Capacity in Jean-Luc Marion’s The Erotic Phenomenon“
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