Edith Stein black and white

Special Editor: Sarah Borden Sharkey

  • Sarah Borden Sharkey
    • “Introduction to The Legacy of Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being”- Preview
  • William Tullius
    • “Faith, Reason, and the Place of ‘Christian Philosophy’ in Edith Stein”
  • Karl Schudt
    • “Edith Stein, Apophatic Theology, and Freedom”
  • Glenn Chicoine
    • “Present Potential in Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being, Chapter Two”
  • Sarah Borden Sharkey
    • “Eternal Rest: The Beauty and Challenge of Essential Being”
  • Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
    • “The Wesen of Things, According to Reinach”
  • David M. Cudnik
    • “How did Homer know Achilles?The Artist as Friend and Parent in Edith Stein’s Finite and Eternal Being”
  • Christopher T. Haley
    • “Manifesting Meaning: Art, Truth, and Community in St. Edith Stein”
  • John Finley
    • “Stein and Aquinas on the Problem of Individual Being”
  • Timothy Martell
    • “Person and Community in Stein’s Critique of Heidegger’s Existential Philosophy”
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