Quaestiones Disputatae Munich & Gottingen book cover

Volume 3, No.1 Fall 2012

Special Editor: Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray

  • Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
    • “Introduction”
  • Alice von Hildebrand
    • “Dietrich von Hildebrand’s Acquaintance with Early Phenomenology”
  • Dallas Willard
    • “Realism Sustained? Interpreting Husserl’s Progression into Idealism”
  • Michael F. Andrews
    • “Edith Stein and Max Scheler: Ethics, Empathy, and the Constitution of the Acting Person”
  • Uldis Vegners
    • “Theodore Celms’s Critique of Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology”
  • Christopher S. Morrissey
    • “Thomas Aquinas and Adolf Reinach on States of Affairs”
  • Carlos R. Bovell
    • “The Mathematician is not Really the Pure Theoretician but Only the Ingenious Technician”
  • Fritz Wenisch
    • “Sorting out Feelings: How I became a Hildebrandian”
  • Eric Mohr
    • “Does Aristotle’s Ethics Represent “Pharisaism”?: A Survey of Scheler’s Critique”
  • John F. Crosby
    • “Dietrich von Hildebrand on Deliberate Wrongdoing “
  • Zach Davis
    • “The Act of Promising: an Act of Solidarity “
  • Michael Wenisch
    • “Toward the Articulation of a Systematic von Hildebrandian Political Philosophy “
  • Timothy Martell
    • “Phenomenology and Phenomenalism in Husserl’s -Thing and Space“
  • Trevor J. Bieber
    • “Max Scheler and the Nature of Self-Love”
  • Holly Mohr
    • “Moving From the “They” to a “We”: How Max Scheler’s Nature of Sympathy Paves the Way for a “Dream of a Common Language””
  • Antonio Calcagno
    • “The Problem of the Relation Between the State and the Community in Edith Stein’s Political Theory”
  • Jason Bell
    • “The Gottingen Four and the Exchange of North American and German Phenomenology”
  • Joel M. Potter
    • “Arguments from the Priority of Feeling in Contemporary Emotion Theory and Max Scheler’s Phenomenology”
  • Ewa Agnieszka Pichola
    • “Dietrich von Hildrebrand and Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko: The Struggle For the Truth”
  • Richard Sherlock
    • “From Phenomenology to Metaphysics: Husserl, Hildebrand, and Lonergan”
  • John R. White
    • “Participation and Luminosity: Eric Voegelin’s Critique of Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology”
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