quaestiones disputatae aristotle book cover

Volume 4, No.2 Spring 2014

Special Editors: Sarah Klitenic Wear & Joseph Almeida

  • Sarah Klitenic Wear & Joseph Almeida
    • “Introduction”
  • Lloyd P. Gerson
    • “The Aristotelian Commentaries and Platonism”
  • Michael Griffen
    • “What is an aisthêton? “Ordinary things” among the Neoplatonist commentators on the Categories”
  • Charlene Elsby
    • “Plotinus on the Reality of the Category of Reality”
  • Sarah Klitenic Wear
    • “Syrianus the Platonist on Aristotle’s Categories 8a13-b24: The Ontological Place of Skhesis in Later Platonic Metaphysics”
  • Joseph Almeida
    • “Simplicius on Cat. 1a16-17 and 1b25-27: An Examination of the Interests of Ancient and Modern Commentary on the Categories”
  • Gary Gabor
    • “The Justification and Derivation of Aristotle’s Categories in Ammonius and Simplicius”
  • Lloyd A. Newton
    • “Platonic Elements in Albert the Great’s Commentary on the Categories”
  • Gregory T. Doolan
    • “Aquinas on the Metaphysician’s vs. the Logician’s Categories”
  • Mark Roberts
    • “The Second Sense of Being”
  • Mark Gossiaux
    • “James of Viterbo on the Nature and Division of the Categories”
  • Andrew LaZella
    • “The Simplicity of Being in Duns Scotus’ Quaestiones Super Praedicamenta Aristotelis and Later Works”
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