Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart

Majors: Biology

FIWH Program: Internship at AbbVie – Summer 2012, FIWH Lead Researcher Jan. 2013 – May 2014, FIWH/FISH Web Content Creator

Currently: Missionary/Public Speaker for The Culture Project

Looking back, I can say I took advantage of the opportunity that was before me when working with FIWH, Dr. Jeff Rohde, and being at Franciscan. After interning at AbbVie (then Abbott) and finding my passion for the poor, I performed, oversaw and directed the synthesis of approximately 85 compounds on main campus to be tested against TB. Having done countless hours of organic chemistry, preparing posters, teaching labs, mentoring numerous fellow student researchers, and creating the FIWH/FISH portions of, FIWH was the perfect place for the further discovery and development of both my gifts and myself. Furthermore, after investing myself fully in the transformative culture of Franciscan, I am excitedly shifting gears from science to missionary work as a speaker to young people about St. John Paul II’s heart piercing message found within Theology of the Body. Although I have enjoyed and excelled in research, I believe my gifts will be best used when given away directly to others. Thus, having graduated summa cum laude in May 2014, I am considering medical school after missionary work. FIWH has helped me build a platform to launch off of for my next professional adventure, and I am forever grateful.


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